Sales Conditions 2020

1. Orders – Sales conditions are accepted by the moment the Customer confirms us an order (except for agreements
previously taken between the parts).Inorder to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, it’s important we receive written orders (by e-mail or fax). In your orders please specify Articles Code and Measures. Minimum order value € 100,00.
2. Prices  –  Prices are ex works our warehouse (tax excluded). The price of goods is determined at the time of order confirmation (any price change should be communicated in advance).
3. Payments  –  Payments, as agreed terms between Customer and Supplier, should be sent to TOR MARINE S.r.l. head office. For each delayed payment we will apply penalty rate and also to stop or cancel the running-orders without a prior notice.
It is agreed that any complaints or objections do not entitle the Customer to suspend or delay payments of the products as well as payment of any other supplies.
4. Delivery – Delivery Terms are indicative and consequently not binding. Possible delays for production problems including raw materials shortage, damages of machine-tools, strikes or other reasons beyond our control, don’t allow Customers to delay payments, cancelling confirmed orders or complaining damages of any kind.
5. Shipments – Goods, even if delivered free house, travel at Customer’s own risk. We will not take the responsibility for possible delays, damages or loss occurred during transportation. We suggest to Customers to check carefully goods at arrival and verify that datas stated on our delivery document correspond to the goods received.
6. Technical Information – Technical features in our catalogue are indicative and not binding. We recommend to read carefully goods instructions manual (where included in the packaging).
7. Complaints  –  We  can’t   accept    complaints later than 8 days after goods receipt. Goods refused for Customers mistakes will be accepted only after our authorization (their shipment will be on Customer’s charge). Any complaints related to number, quantity or exterior features of products (apparent defects) must be notified to TOR MARINE S.r.l. by e-mail, detailing all the problems found.
Any     complaints  relating    to   defects   which  cannot  be discovered  on the basis of a careful in spection up on receipt (hiddendefects) shall be notified to TOR MARINE S.r.l. by e-mail, detailing all the problems found. Any defected item will be replaced free of charge after our controls. We will not substitute products presenting normal signs of wear. We will not substitute goods which defects are caused by a wrong use or negligence of the Customer.
8. Products Guarantee - TOR MARINE S.r.l. guarantee freedom from defects of its processes and the materials used. In the event that the defect has been caused by improper use of the product, improper installation, improper repairs or maintenance to the warranty claim can not be upheld. Every single complaint and  or request for operation of the guarantee must be received in writing: it must refer to our supply, it must contain a detailed description of the defects, it must be, if possible, accompanied by photos proving such defects. TOR MARINE will then be placed in a position to examine the faulty product and to carry out, if necessary,non-destructive testing on it. Any costs for the transport of goods will be on Customer charge.
The warranty does not cover: Sacrificial Anode. For rubber parts replacement is recommended after a maximum of 5 years. Custom Product - TOR MARINE S.r.l.makes no warranty as to the fitness of the goods regardless of the type or range of applications, in particular as regards the constructive aspects of the object of the application. Our eventual opinion on issues related to the construction and / or assembly takes place on the basis of data provided by the customer.
Our data must be verified by the customer in the conditions provided by the application practice. If, upon customer request, the goods is adapted to the specific needs of the customer, it accepts no warranty as to the characteristics of the product
9. Disputes - All contracts are deemed entered in Paderno Dugnano (MI). The relationship between the parties is governed exclusively by Italian law and any dispute will be settled by the Court of Mlian.

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